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Electronic Round-up Featuring Hiroki Yamamura, Toccoyaki And Kloni

Busy weekend as usual — electronic artists love dropping new tracks on days off, huh? — so let’s dive in to a few highlights. Osaka juke creator Hiroki Yamamura ventures into more elastic and funky territory with “Mimosa,” his latest. The familiar skittery beats come through clearly, as is the persistent energy that defines his best tracks. But everything also comes off as a little more laid-back, maybe a few drinks down in the day (those tipsy keyboard notes!). It’s playful, even as it rumbles forward at a familiar quick tempo. Listen above.

More bubbly is the latest from Toccoyaki, providing something a bit more busy, even if it takes a little more time to get there. “Yume No Ato” features vocals from Yuzuki, who adds a nice counter to what ends up being pretty heavy — albeit carbonated — electronic drops from the producer. It works in tandem to create an energetic cut that takes a second to build up, but then delivers when everything starts popping. Listen below.

The energy only increases via Aichi-based producer Kloni, who delivers a dazzling rush with “Magic.” Fans of artists such as Amunoa should definitely check out the young creator — SoundCloud description, “beginner” — who uses hiccuping vocal samples practically tripping over one another to add to the thrill of the already swift music beneath it. For those who like Technicolor whirlwinds, keep an eye on this one. Listen below.