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New T4CKY: I / II

Producer and roman-numerals-aficionado T4CKY created one of 2017’s more promising debuts in the form of XIX. Now they continue flashing their potential with two new songs. “I” is the one that is more readily available to all, as it is up on SoundCloud (and you can hear it above). It’s a touch more restrained, opening with bell twinkles and slowly adding in elements, from a head-bopping beat to Spanish vocal samples. It’s more about showing off texture than necessarily cutting back, and feels more like a display of production skill than anything else. Which is why you should hunt down “II,” available on streaming services, if you can. That one pulls a lot of similar tricks, but morphs all those samples and machine-beats into a woozy dance number that just gets steam as it goes along, losing itself in its own sound and inviting the listener to come along.