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Electronic Round-Up Post: Sweesweesweets, House Of Tapes And Pasocom Music Club

I’m trying this new thing for the next couple of months where I try to be “productive,” especially in the morning, and sometimes to achieve that you just have to look at the songs you’ve recently favorited and be like “yeah, let’s write about this.” So here are a few recent highlights!

— Oh, what fine timing, the biggest project on my plate revolves around the same sort of electro-pop Nagoya’s Sweesweesweets dabble in: packed tight, vocals as another instrument, the hard edges softened by female vocals. “Cider Girl” is their latest, and an at times melancholy slice of electronic maximalism. Listen above.

— Hmm, probably could have made this a Nagoya-themed post, what with House Of Tapes sharing a new song called “Cosmic Low.” It has been a long while since House Of Tapes has embraced the pulverizing sound that first got our attention, but “Cosmic Low” is one of the more suffocating things he’s made in recent memory, but with a few pockets of air provided by twinkling dance moments. Listen below.

— Pasocom Music Club has been on a tear in 2016, the relatively mysterious project creating some of the better instrumental songs out of Japan. In the past month, they have shared two highlights — first came the slippery “NEXCO Higashi Nihon,” and just the other day shared the spacier, deep jungle-worthy “Pom Poko.” Listen to both below.