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New Chelmico: “Love Is Over”

Rap duo Chelmico are back just in time for the summer, and to celebrate the start of the season they’ve shared the bouncy “Love Is Over.” This one finds the duo of MCs Rachel and Mamiko joining up with production team Mikeneko Homeless for a deceptively sparse number, one veering away from the sax-backed struts and woozy Jersey-Club stompers of 2015. The beat, like a lot of Mikeneko Homeless’ 2016 output though, is a bit more complex than the beat and guitar spray indicates, as house touches throb just underneath, adding extra dance-floor vibes to this. Of course, the music is but a backdrop for the rappers at the center here to shine, and Chelmico come through with their tag-team sing rap, turning subjects like deleting photos off your phone into BBQ party starters. Listen above.