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Everyone Remixed Songs From mus.hiba’s White Girl, Hear It Now

mus.hiba’s White Girl was our second-favorite album of 2014, and now…everyone has remixed songs from it via Zoom Lens. No, really, look at this list. This is a bunch of Japanese artists we’ve been enjoying for quite some time…LLLL! Yoshino Yoshikawa! i-fls! Foodman! GEEEZ. And rounding it out are a bunch of great non-Japanese producers, such as Sakura Rainbow, Harmful Logic, Ulzzang Pistol…you get it. Just dive into this one.

Well, sit tight actually, because we should also mention their is a new song from mus.hiba himself at the very end, called “Smile.” It is an off-kilter electronic number with a great piano line and drippy-droppy vocal dollops…all building up to one of the most floor-ready passages the usually feverish mus.hiba has made. Get it all here, or listen below.