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Excessive Cuteness Maybe?: Czecho No Republic’s “Rainbow”

Indie pop can be a strange mistress. I’ve gone on record as declaring I’m hopelessly doomed to love twee-leaning music probably for the rest of my life. Yet, contrary to the amount of posts tagged “twee” on this here web log, I’m not googly-eyed over every single cutesy band. Sometimes this sorta wimpy stuff can be too wimpy even for someone prone to looking at cat-picture Tumblrs for hours at a time. Or, in an even easier situation, the music just isn’t that good.

Czecho No Republic’s “Rainbow” exists in some weird limbo between charmingly good and I’ll charm your face to last Thursday, bub. This gets off to a great start with those NES-mimicking keyboards and that nice beat, and the following verse isn’t stays above water while holding onto that jellybean-colored inner tube. The chorus though just seems…not interesting? It sounds like old andymori, but not good old andymori, the times when andymori were grasping at J-Rock mass appeal. Yet everything else sounds plenty catchy and twinkly, and the parts where Czecho No Republic let loose a little add vital changes during these four minutes. A mixed bag of indie pop, showing off the best and worst of the genre. Listen below.