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Controlled Karaoke: EXILE Nominated For MTV Europe Music Awards, Still Not As Bad As Geordie Shore


Confession – I really like Jersey Shore. I’ve been watching it since those loveable stereotypes popped up on MTV. Some say it signals the end of American society…well, to them I say, wouldn’t you want a front-row seat to the end of the Roman Empire? So when someone told me about Geordie Shore, the British equivalent of MTV’s STD-tastic reality show, I was intrigued. Terrible people…in England! Sign me up.

No. Geordie Shore managed to get the reactions so many people I knew were getting from Jersey Shore from me. THIS was an insufferable show. Why, I can’t explain in words beyond “ultimate shitheads, all of them,” but I feel that’s all I need. My opinion of England, Newcastle and MTV’s European branch all changed for the (much) worse.

Well, MTV Europe hasn’t outdone themselves, but they have drawn a little more ire by nominating J-Pop buffoons EXILE for the MTV Europe Music Awards’ “Worldwide Act Asia Pacific” category. Facing off against the likes of Big Bang and Jay Chou, they’ll try to win some pointless award from the people behind a really bad reality TV show (still love ya Jersey!). You can vote for whoever right here, and something tells me Sia will need all the clicks you can muster.