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Faded Feelings: Ikechan’s “Kissaten”

The standout ability of Kissaten is to take an array of sounds that easily could have turned into chilled-out background tunes and make them demand your attention. Producer Ikechan uses keyboard and weather-report-ready beats to create relatively easy-going tracks, but wraps them up in a layer of crackle that serve as another layer rather than a trick to make it seem more calming than it actually is. “Nostalgia” does this best, turning a jaunty bounce into something a bit more disorienting thanks to the fuzz hanging around the corners, while “Analorythm” sets pleasant melodies against synth that sounds like it just stepped off a tilt-a-whirl. Best way to get ears focused? Add in vocals, which is exactly what Ikechan does on the back-to-back bouncers of “MintSynth” and “Analog Disco.” Never a moment to drift off. Get it here, or listen below.