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New House Of Tapes: “Funeral”

The past two weeks have been packed with work, meaning keeping up with new music has been a challenge. Hopefully I can find a way to vanish to a mountain retreat or something and just catch up on everything in the near future (more likely, actually get back to all my emails and, uhhhh, do my job). Near the top of that must-listen list is the latest full-length from Nagoya’s House Of Tapes. Up to this point, I’ve only listened to “Funeral,” a number that manages to be very House-Of-Tapes-y without sounding like the project’s main operating mode. This isn’t a suffocating number, but rather a delicate number guided by keyboards and a drum beat. The tension comes from the feeling that these melodies are going to derail from one another, replacing the usual pounding with a sense of something about to go haywire at any second. Never comes though, and instead all of these sounds find an uneasy balance. Listen above.