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Feeling Off: DJ Cheap’s Anxious Footworks EP

Title doesn’t lie! Due to the repetitive and quick-hit nature of the whole style, juke can be quite a nervy listening experience. But DJ Cheap really takes it to the extreme on Anxious Footworks, which uses some vocal samples of people practically yelling at you to really get the hairs on your arm to stand up. “Do You Hear That” is just that phrase yelped back at the listener over a skittery beat and a few other musical mutations, while “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You” — take a guess. So it goes, save for finale “BBIGWR,” which replaces human voices with an unsettling sample that kind of coils and springs around for the whole song. Yet DJ Cheap nails the energy to keep these songs moving along and getting bodies moving, even when they bark at you. Get it here, or listen below.