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Flushin’: Toiret Status’ Omaru


It has been a good year for Japanese artists creating catchy music out of chaos. DJWWWW (we will decide on the proper stylization one day, I swear) found beauty in the overwhelming world of pachinko, while Foodman taped together all sorts of sounds to create a wonky and absorbing wonder with Ez Minzoku. Isamu Yorichika’s Toiret Status project mines similar territory on new album Omaru, cramming all sorts of styles and textures — few albums sound as intense on headphones as this one — together but finding a hook among it. Electric guitar solos, pitch-shifted sputters, what sounds like the noise Yoshi makes when his tongue shoots out of his mouth…none of it should result in anything catchy in theory, yet Toiret Status pieces everything together to create bouncy tracks that are sometimes packed to the gills and other times really really spacious. Get it here, or listen below.