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Hiroki Yamamura And DJ NHK Guy Release Split: Mask / Close Ur Eyes


Yesterday Once More returns with a new split release from Hiroki Yamamura and DJ NHK Guy, each contributing an original cut and then remixing the other. For their own numbers, each create retro-tinted juke, Yamamura moving in a slightly more fragmented direction (and feeling very out of time in the process) on “Mask,” while DJ NHK Guy embraces something warmer with “Close Ur Eyes,” a slice-and-dice number that milks a particularly inviting vocal sample for all its worth. The reworks follow a similar trajectory, with “Mask” being turned into something a bit more rambunctious — a voice going “work that ass” adds to the party-starting atmosphere — while Yamamura flips “Eyes” into…wait, what, he takes it into lightspeed, and plays up the horns for one of the fastest sounding victory laps you’ll hear. Get it here, or listen below.