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Foggy Get Together: Come To My Party’s “Clay Cat” And “Victoria Falls”

Listening to the new latest songs from Tokyo project Come To My Party reminds me of a time in the capital’s music community when a lot of dance-leaning groups were coming up and playing at fashionable venues (or fashion-first hell holes) in the city. Like Give Me Wallets or The Brixton Academy. Well, these two numbers bring that to mind…if you heard them from the next room over. “Clay Cat” (above) features a nice guitar-powered groove and some muttered come-ons, but it also has a thick layer of fuzz over it, giving a slightly off feel far different than the glitzy dance-pop of five years ago. “Victoria Falls” ends up even busier and is closer to a more traditional rock song, with a big emotional hook and even some pianos twinkling off in the back. Yet it still sounds dirty, pulled out of the muck. Which adds a nice tension to the whole thing. Listen below.