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Fogpak #16 Here For The Summer Holidays, Featuring Batsu, Yoshino Yoshikawa And More


Just in time for summer holiday season, the 16th edition of the Fogpak compilation series has emerged, boasting the theme “vacation” and several instances of seagull samples. As has always been the case, Fogpak primarily puts the spotlight on emerging electronic artists, with a few familiar names popping in for good measure. So is the case here, where Trekkie-Trax-associate Batsu offers up a jittery cut in “XOXO” and Yoshino Yoshikawa creates an ever-changing number with “Levitating Castle.” Fogpak #16 starts on the faster side…highlights include Kotono House’s zippy, bass-heavy zoomer “Sweet Vacation In Lucid Dreaming,” and the footwork-by-way-of-Jersey-Club of Kanya’s “Female Pilot”…before settling down in the back half, with the restrained stomp of Gluon’s “Glued Myself” (nice!) and Midori Kida’s tranquil “When The Flowers Bloom.” Also of note…more rap! As ever, the best way to approach this is just dive in and see what you like. Get it here, or listen below.