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Fogpak #18 Is Here, Ready To Hit Those Teenage Feels With Leave E, Yasuha And More

Doesn’t matter if it comes out on a Monday morning or Friday after 10 pm, when a new edition of Fogpak hits the Internet, this blog is going to cover it as soon as possible. The 18th collection appeared tonight, centered around the theme of “Teen,” and the artists contributing to the latest installment of the series that has highlighted emerging electronic artists in Japan (and abroad) nail it. The bulk of the songs here are jittery, nervous creations, the sort of tune you could call “future bass” but which in the context of this feel more emotionally vulnerable…more adolescent. As always, the Fogpak rules apply…you should just dive in and find your favorite tracks, and then follow those creators. But a few highlights on an initial jump out around these corners. We recently wrote about Leave E, and here is the producer providing a dramatic bit of bass music via “No Reply From Her,” featuring some sped up vocal sampling. Touches of chiptune — which, in my estimation at least, can be as deeply teenage as it gets — pops up in the first two songs here, while Yasuha.’s skippy “I Remember” adds in melancholy to an otherwise shuffle-worthy number. Listening over it, this is one of the strongest Fogpak’s in recent memory, and one you absolutely should dive into fully. Get it here, or listen below.