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FOGPAK Teams Up With The Blog SVNSET W^VES For FOGPAK #9

The folks behind the FOGPAK compilations – albums packed with electronic music from primarily Japan – have always had a bit of a global eye. Non-Japan-based producers like bo en have popped up on previous installments, and for number nine in the series, FOGPAK has teamed up with Texas-based electronic-music blog SVNSET W^VES for a 49-song release leaning heavily on songs from all over the place. Still, Japan has the highest representation here – contributions feature familiar names like In The Blue Shirt (the skippy vocal-slice exercise “Seven Bridge”), DJ YEN (the ivory-accented skipper “Fly Piano”), Akoustik Shadow (the bubbling “You Are Everything”) and OKLobby (the resort-ready “Hey, It’s OK”). And lots of new (to me, at least) names – early favorites include Nagasaki artist Phuey’s Jersey-Clubbin’ “Versary,” Quine Ghost’s whirlwind “Electronic Orochi” and (not actually new to us around here but we never wrote about them for whatever reason my bad) Emerald Four’s sweet “Astral Tones For Mental Therapy.”

And look at all these non-Japanese artists too! Some took up a slight J-pop theme…Adam Snow’s chiming “Vegeta’s Theme,” James Deen’s “Kirby’s Dream Land”…yet it goes beyond novelty. Personal fave – Canadian producer WTCHDCTR’s Eadonmm-esque creeper “Burn Out.”

Anyway, the fun in FOGPAK is diving in and finding out what you like the most…no shortage of new tunes to hear. Get it here, or listen below.