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Comp Week Rolls On: New PixaPhonica Featuring Tomggg, Hideo Nakasako, K_nie And More

So I guess everyone wants to put their compilation albums out there this week. Alongside FOGPAK’s recent international collab-fest, the fifth installment of Calmlamp’s PixaPhonica series has arrived, featuring even more great Japanese electronic producers. Unlike the latest FOGPAK, which leans toward the more energetic, PixaPhonica prefers to take everything a little easier. See Hideo Nakasako’s grooving, minimal contribution, punctured only by a crackling vocal sample, or Mitsushige’s barely-there chimer. K_nie’s “Breath” twinkles hard, but never gets out of hand. The peppiest cut here comes from an expected source – Tomggg’s zippy “Harusaki” is the most active thing here, full of chopped up syllables and chimes, like how a cotton candy factory sounds in my head. Though far from being overwhelming. Lovely easy-going listening. Get it here.