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Foodman Preps Couldwork, Listen To Three Songs Now

Sometimes you catch Foodman in a playful mood, and he’s making beats urging you to dance, and sometimes you catch him in a more experimental state of mind, and you just listen closely to how he plays with the texture of audio. It appears his new mini album Couldwork could work out like the latter, at least based on the three song sample shared this week. Out on March 19, the trio of previews hint that this will be a discombobulated affair, ranging from zoned-out clangers to robo-voice infused terror sessions (seriously the latter, “Kougeki Robo,” is loaded up with what sound like dentist drills and a voice muttering “I will destroy you,” brace for terror). Even when a rapper shows up on the final preview, the whole things feels out of place and disorienting. It will probably be fantastic. Listen above.