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New Soleil Soleil: “If I Could”

There’s a stretch of maybe 90 seconds where I am trying to figure out where the sample on Soleil Soleil’s newest song “If I Could” comes from. The Osaka producer has turned to samples frequently in the past — sometimes from Akon — so it seemed natural to think he was once again playing around with some vocals, pushing and pulling it like chewed-up gum amongst all those synth sparkles and the pounding beat. Then it clicked — “that’s not a sample at all.” It’s actually Bob from Osaka indie-pop outfit Ice Cream Shout/Cloudy Busey/Outdoorminer, who has been quiet for a while (or I totally blanked on something he did), but shows up here to deliver a great vocal that (mutated or not) matches up well with Soleil Soleil’s music. Listen above.