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Found It: Yunosuke Featuring Hatsune Mikue “I Seek You”

Released earlier this month, the VREATH VOL.1 compilation features songs merging the digi-singing of Vocaloid with EDM. This isn’t a breakthrough by any means necessary — ever since the idea of a drop reached wide-spread visibility, producers have been trying to work synthesized singing under the umbrella term — and for the most part this collection features solid but ultimately generic EDM-pop numbers, worth a listen but probably not warranting a revisit. Save for one song — producer Yunosuke’s “I Seek You,” a fractured pop number featuring the familiar digi-voice of Hatsune Miku. A lot of EDM cornerstones pop up, but the key is Yunosuke lets Miku’s voice weave through them, creating one of the catchier Vocaloid harmonies from 2017. Even when things get roughneck, that singing adds a sweetness that keeps everything working. Listen above.