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Friday Night Fun Post: Ryuei Kotoge And Sima Kim, Boys Age And Maho Littlebear

What are you doing with your Friday night? If you are as cool a dude as me, you are spending it in your apartment getting mad at the New York Times and catching up with just-released Japanese music. Let’s listen to some new music together, shall we?

– The cross-country duo of Ryuei Kotoge and Sima Kim have created some great tunes together in the past, and now they are back with the rumbling “Collinear.” Instead of existing in the shadows like their previous efforts, this one is a relentless drum ‘n’ bass track. Listen at the top of the page.

– Now here’s an excellent idea – Boys Age, the prolific duo who release songs and EPs and albums at a constant clip, plan on putting out their first anthology collection (!) next month…which is great, because they are one of the Tokyo area’s most intriguing acts, but also super tough to keep up with. In advance, they’ve released the prom-dance-recorded-under-the-ocean “Skyrim,” which you can hear below.

– Last, a bubbly techno track from the versatile Maho Littlebear, still putting together one of the better 2014 resumes of any indie act in Japan today. “&” delivers on its techno tag, though it is accented by the wordless singing of (presumably) Littlebear herself. That one is below.