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Sunday Listening Station: House Of Tapes, DJ Yakult Lady

Not the smoothest of Sunday listens, but hey it can’t all be blue skies and lazy afternoon naps week after week. First off is “a limited song” from the often pulverizing Nagoya producer House Of Tapes, called “My Mind (Mid Night).” Notably absent from this track – an upfront beat, which is usually the most visible element of his music. Instead, there is a beating that sounds like it is coming from one dream over, while everything else swirls about and creates for a woozy listen that, in a far less physical way, is as disorienting as his usual fare. Listen above.

Sticking with the dizzying sound, DJ Yakult Lady’s latest turns into a skittery, whirly affair pretty quickly. Don’t let the piano-guided intro trick you out…when “Ladies” reaches its core, there are enough chimes and Jersey-Club sound affects to make you feel a bit trippy. Listen below.