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GAGAKIRISE Cover Puffyshoes’ Finally The Weekend

Can’t wait until June 15 to hear cutesy garage-rockers Puffyshoes new album Finally The Weekend? Well…you can actually hear the whole thing now! As long as you are OK with hearing noisemakers GAGAKIRISE play it.

As part of a promotion with Tokyo record shop Disc Union, a CD of GAGAKIRISE covering Finally The Weekend comes with every purchase of Puffyshoes’ latest. You can listen to their cover of the album now, though, accessible below. For those trying to get a feel for how the Puffyshoes’s version will sound…forget about it, unless that group decided to embrace guitar-squall freakouts that sometimes come off like boxing training rather than lo-fi rock. Chaotic stuff that doesn’t shed much light on the proper version…but for 12 minutes is a hyper-rush of fun. And zoo noises.

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Besides allowing another Tokyo outfit to cover the entirety of their new album, Puffyshoes have a few other marketing tricks tied to Weekend. If you buy the new release and send a photo of it with your name and address to, you get demo tracks. Cool stuff! Hear the first track “Baby Kiss Me” below.