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Warped Star: Fu_Mou’s “Green Night Parade” And PandaBoy’s Remix


Let’s start with some honesty – I probably wouldn’t be writing about Fu_Mou’s “Green Night Parade” had I not seen the video. I’m trying not to imply the song itself is chuck-worthy – it’s half fake-out ballad anchored by piano and Christmas-special singing, which transforms into a semi-glitchy dance track nudged along by sheets of bright synth worthy of techno-pop and some good drum programming. Still, what caught my eye wasn’t the artist or song title…but rather the word “Kirby.” See, the video above strangely stars Nintendo’s resident marshmallow look-a-like (or a decent approximation of said character!) for reasons unknown. Considering I played the hell out of Kirby when I was ten, I had to click and I ended up mesmerized by a wall of Kirby’s dancing in front of me. Good bit of dancey pop, even better blast of Kirby nostalgia. Note – this might not be the full video but KIRBY!

Electronic artist PandaBoy decided what this track needed was less piano and more glowing synth. His rework ups the volume significantly…while keeping the Kirby sound effects…creating a neon blast of dance music similar to what Fizzy Dino Pop does but all in. The boom-thwack beat goes a long way. A solid rework which you can hear below.

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