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Good Sounds Though: Youheyhey Featuring Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi’s “Bad Weather”

Rapper and producer Youheyhey has been kicking around for a few years now, and even put out a very solid EP of woozy rap last year that sounds like its playing out in another universe than most Japanese hip-hop from that moment (or now). New song “Bad Weather” features a beat somewhere between Yoshino Yoshikawa and car wash squeegee, which is just the right combo for him and Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi (hold that thought) to tag-team rap over. And, once again, so nice to hear sounds far removed from current trends. Listen above.

The real highlight on “Bad Weather” is Haruruinu Love Dog Tenshi. She raps and sing-raps, adding an immediacy to an otherwise laid-back cut. Turns out she excels at this sort of thing, and her SoundCloud page reveals all sorts of gems, ranging from her navigating a spaced-out take on Mondo Grosso’s “Labyrinth” to blurred takes on something harder. Lots of great songs there, from a talented rapper worth your time.