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Graceful: LASTorder “Temporary Sympathy” Featuring Piana

LASTorder “Temporary Sympathy feat. Piana” Official MV from “Allure” PROGRESSIVE FOrM from rm on Vimeo.

It’s a pretty recurring thing around these corners – an artist exists on the corners of this blog’s (read: just my) attention, often getting pigeonholed, and very rarely getting attention all their own, more likely to be linked to someone else under the spotlight. For the most part, producer LASTorder has been on our radar as part of The Wedding Mistakes, a project with Miii making solid EDM-dipped dance music responsible for one of the year’s better 2014 albums. Yet LASTorder’s solo work…not nearly as much attention here.

So “Temporary Sympathy” is a hell of a gut check, because it’s extremely pretty. Like, polished in the best way possible. It features the hallmarks of a home-based producer – it clicks and burbles, bordering on glitch-hop at times, and features some nice neon twinkles – but also boasts a professional sheen. Check the strings glistening across it or, most clearly, listen to singer Piana step into LASTorder’s flurry and add a dramatic element to all of this that makes this far more compelling. It’s off of LASTorder’s just-released sophomore album, which I’ll hunt down right quick.