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Gypsy Paradox: “コンフロンテーション”

Whether you enjoy this song by Gypsy Paradox or loath it hinges on how much you can tolerate the vocals. The rest of “コンフロンテーション” comes off as a fun little ride, psych-rock signifiers all around but the band clearly spent a lot of time constructing this. It seems a little out-there but is actually just super smartly thought out. This would make a great instrumental for sure. Yet now we come to the screechy elephant sitting right on top of this song. The lead singer of Gypsy Paradox doesn’t “sing” as much as he imitates a deranged person for the track’s duration, placing his emphasis on rolled “r’s” and creaking frequently. He eventually just starts shouting a bunch, realizing coherent words do him no good. It’s an SUV-sized hurdle to truly like this song unless you are one of those folks who thinks his absolutely bizarre delivery adds a layer of awesome insanity. I’m one such person. But give it a shot regardless.