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Controlled Karaoke: Jennifer, Star of Eigo De Asobo, Releases Single. Babies Unaware Due To Being Babies

She’s the one on the left of what appears to be a sandwich board

Joining other kid’s TV show legends turned musicians like Oscar The Grouch and Steve from Blue’s Clues (seriously, he’s pals with the Flaming Lips) will soon be one of the characters on Japanese English-centric educational jam Eigo De Asobo, Jenny aka Jennifer aka not one of these things. You can learn more about her here if you can understand Japanese (or know how to work Google), but all you really need to know is that her new single is all about popovers. Yes, the food.

“Popover Party” comes out on October 20, but you can listen to a tiny sample of the song over at HearJapan (who also deserves credit for Tweeting about this in the first place). Pure novelty…it’s about popovers…but if it gets even one kid out there to learn a single English word, I’m all for it.

Honestly, this serves more as a way to post the old theme song/an old episode of Eigo De Asobo, well before Jenny entered the picture. It’s simultaneously pure nightmare fuel and begging to be turned into a chillwave music video.