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Happy Sea Day!: Rosskeyy’s “Sai Summer Koh” Featuring nsn

Let’s hear it for Japan’s nature-themed holidays. Sea Day has arrived, and while going to the beach probably is out of the question — Tokyo has had something like 5 hours of sunshine total this whole month, I’m doing great I swear! — there is still a chance to enjoy some city-pop-inspired music to conjure up resort vibes. Rosskeyy has been dipping into this pool for a few years now, with a few offerings being especially vibrant (especially in our half-decade of more chilled-out interpretations). “Sai Summer Koh” is the latest blast of funk-tinted pop from Rosskeyy, featuring a nice vocal contribution from nsn. The whole thing is a solid blast of pep — anyone already missing Shiggy Jr. can find some refuge here — but the highlight comes with the chorus, where nsn just goes hard on the “saikoh” to drive home just how delirious this season can be. Listen above.