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New Sayohimebou: “Shenzhen Diva”

With the end of the decade approaching fast, reflecting back has been taking up a lot of time in my noggin over the last month. Part of that has been trying to sort where netlabels such as Maltine Records fall in the “narrative” of “the decade,” but then said online imprint comes through with a release as giddy as anything put out in 2019 that reminds they remain as vital as ever and that I’m a dummy for even trying to imagine this as some sort of story with a point A and point B. Sayohimebou’s “Shenzhen Diva” is breathless elevation, with the producer using vocal samples as the main ingredient in this non-stop giddy romp. The key is Sayohimebou never reels it back, but rather lets it just keep getting more and more ecstatic until the end. No need to put a bow on things when they keep on delivering. Listen above.