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Hear Two New Songs From The Paellas

They are technically in the “demo” phase of existence, but few bands can pique this blog’s interest even with sketches like Osaka’s The Paellas. At their best, the band capture a special kind of nocturnal longing, taking the often-static sounds of indie-pop and turning it into heartfelt music seemingly coming out of an alley or a really depressing lounge. Their first demo, “Hodon,” thumps while the vocals trip over themselves, trying to reach somebody who sounds far gone. It’s a slow burner stuffed with drama. Listen above.

The other one is a bit more compact, clocking in at half the time of the above track. It’s a shifty little number, more direct musically but a bit more shadowy when it comes to the vocals (this would be the “alley” song of the pair). Listen to that one below.