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Here’s A Song Presumably About Sperm: Daimon’s “Sperma”

I mean…it’s CALLED “Sperma” I feel the song’s content becomes obvious once that becomes clear. Daimon might be very well telling us the story of sperm over the course of this psyched-out, nearly six-minute-long song. Opening up normally enough before some, uh, moans interrupt the song, “Sperma” then becomes a trippy journey through…eh, not sure I want to know…featuring Viking-like chanting and the occasional spoken-word pause in the action. The song eventually really freaks out and turns into a…down-on-our-luck blues-ey number? With screaming? Before speeding up one last time?

This might be the weirdest song of the year, but it’s also kind of engrossing. And maybe gross. Listen here.