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Hey America!: Molice’s “Romancer”

Rarely do really good Japanese bands see albums released in the United States. So when one manages to get across the Pacific and sneak it’s way into select stores…get the new Shugo Tokumaru album in October people!…it really shouldn’t be ignored. Which is to say that Molice’s Catalystrock comes out in the States today. Heck, maybe some teenager at the local Sam Goody’s is unloading it right now. Molice, who this blog has slept on until this moment, also will play a live date in America in the near future at…reminder not all Japanese music is connected to/listened by these sorts of things/people…at the Anime Weekend Convention in Atlanta on September 18. Bust out yr Vegeta costume.

“Romancer” hip-shakes as Catalystrock’s first single, a bumpy, grooving number dominated by (no last name given) Rinko’s vocals. They pinball between the strut-worthy guitar and loose beat, the whole thing sounding like the lost theme song to a spy-centric J-Drama. Watch the mysterious, sorta, video for “Romancer” below.