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Live, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE pummel audiences with volume, sometimes placing such a premium on loudness that their songs suffer as a result. It’s a strange sight, seeing as the foursome have been slowly becoming slightly softer…in a good way…on record. Previously, the jaunty “Pinhole” appeared to be OGRE embracing pop and letting song structure trump throttling noise. Now comes new single “Balance,” which manages to be even more light footed. Instead of playing all their cards up front, OGRE let the guitars slowly elevate for most of the song before eventually letting loose a bit. Even then, it never gets that loud…the vocals probably see the great transformation lead song, going from light to excited semi-shout. Like “Pinhole,” it’s highly enjoyable and sure to be a hit live between all the thundering tracks.

Speaking of seeing OGRE live…folks in America actually can. They’ll be supporting Canadian rockers Wolf Parade this fall. Check here for dates, and go see ’em.