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Hype Magnet: Goth-Trad (New Song “Sublimation”)

If you didn’t catch it this weekend, give the Japan Time’s look into the dubstep scene in the Land of the Rising Sun a read. It’s an excellent read, and also an awesome primer into the genres slowly emerging form in Japan. The artist at the center of the article and the movement, Goth -trad, posted a new track recently that confirms dubstep on this side of the country has legs. “Sublimation” opens up with some chimey-sounds reminiscent of Burial and Four Tet’s excellent 2009 joint “Wolf Cub” before diving into a heavy beat and laboratory-beaker bubbling synths. Goth-trad adds a shimmering wave of electronics over the song midway before casting them off to let “Sublimation” whirl about to it’s end. It’s a physical track, and one of the better dubstep songs I’ve heard this year.