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Not Not Coherent: Gagakirise

Gagakirise would function well as the house band for a talk show in hell. Picture undead Paris Hilton walking out to torment Jay Leno as some of the most chaotic sounds that aren’t just random noise burst out from the stage. Just listen to the Space Ghost Coast To Coast on acid chug of “SpacesHip” and marvel at, how beneath all sorts of fuzz and far-flung ideas, the song manages to retain a very clear stomp. “Flower” trades out intro music for heavy metal cliches, while “Skyboyz!” finds Gagakirise flying off the rails completely but only for about a minute. The early highlight, though, is the bruising “KANI & 10,000 F.” Not to simplify things too much, but it stands out because it’s the track where they sound most like Lightning Bolt, head-splitting noise carefully revealing itself to be laid out in patterns. You don’t even need the mental picture of Jimmy Kimmel being disemboweled to enjoy this. LISTEN HERE.