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Imperfect Sound Forever: Shinichi Yamamura

The music Shinichi Yamamura creates moves in a hyper-disjointed way, ugly scraps of abandoned noise joining fast-forwarded smacks that somehow wandered away from the dance music they were probably intended for. He’s a bit of a junk collector, amassing abrasive sounds and proudly displaying them in his living room for all to see. Yamamura though has an eye for arrangement, though, and thanks to this he’s able to put together such disparate finds into a structure where everything just sorta clicks. Sometimes he stumbles across a more accessible skeleton – “Butterfly” features hisses of noise and Aphex Twin rumbles, but at its core the song gets by on a standard beat and some nifty keyboard work. Yet on the appropriately titled “Freak” Yamamura shows how he can take such ugly ideas and turn them into something hypnotic. Like a more factory-focused Flying Lotus, elements from all sorts of styles (drum ‘n’ bass, IDM, video game noises) get wedged together. Individually the noises grate but together they jive just right. Listen here, and also get his debut album First Conflict here.