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In Dreams: Brinq’s “Baby Baby” Featuring Minan From Lyrical School

Producer Brinq has been sharing fizzy, at-times-80s-indebted electro-pop for the last couple of years, and has seen the project’s stock slowly rise over that time. Brinq’s first full-length album, Magical Brinq Tour, comes out tomorrow, which means now is as good a time as ever to highlight “Baby Baby,” a glistening disco-pop number featuring guest rapping from Minan of idol hip-hop unit Lyrical School. They make a great pair, Minan gliding over the synthesizer and beats, while Brinq crafts a delicious hook, delivering a sweet bit of escapism while Minan ad-libs in the back (the “woo” being a particularly sweet detail). And it comes with an adorable video, which you can watch above.

Brinq’s new album finds them collaborating with a lot of names, including Emi from Satellite Young and Ken Kobayashi. Hear the latter track below.