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Relaxing Away: Kakumei Shojo’s (Revolutionary Girl’s) Meikai


Staring at a to-do list…planted in front of a computer working on something or other…riding a train across the city for a meeting…maybe its a big city thing (or, god forbid, a Tokyo thing), but time always seems sparse. Most of what I listen to in 2016 rarely lasts for all that long…I either listen to shorter, faster songs at home as a break from work writing (which is to say, most of the stuff on this blog) or I turn on a podcast while I’m walking or riding a train, as it is pleasant-enough background noise (ideal for zoning out). I don’t really make time for songs such as “Meikai,” by Kakumei Shojo (aka Revolutionary Girl), which features production work by NoGht. At over seven minutes, it is a slow, nocturnal number. The chimes up front are calming, but they are soon consumed by a menacing rumble, bringing to mind American outfit Emeralds. It’s a fitting combo for a song referencing the underworld, but even with a slight unease lurking, it is relaxing and engaging, far more so than Adrian Wojnarowski talking about Blue Apron. Get it here, or listen below.