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In Which This Blog Inches Closer To Being Only About K-Pop: Girls Generation Makes Japanese Chart History

Girls Generation landed on the top of the Oricon charts this week with their factory-perfect single “Gee,” making them the first female non-Japanese group to take top honors since The Nolans did it back in 1980 with “I’m In The Mood For Dancing.” It also pretty much confirms that they are huge in Japan. Japan Probe has a small write up and some video, along with a slew of bile-tastic comments you’d expect on YouTube. Personal favorite, some guy complaining about “sampled electronic beats.” Godspeed internet, godspeed.

In other news, I just realized they have a Japanese video for the song. Watch it below. Key differences: in the Korean version the clip centers around them fawning after some dude, and they also try on different clothes. The Japanese version still takes place in a clothes store and features some dude, but the members of SNSD seem slightly less interested in him and more focused on being like those elves that made that one guy shoes if said rodents wore tight jeans and liked showing off their mid-drifts. Both videos do share one trait, something a lot of K/J-pop embraces though…needless consumption!

The biggest difference, though, is the girl who wears the blue hat in the Korean version lacks said head gear and doesn’t make funny faces. No good, man, no good.