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In Your Network: Nacano’s “New World”

Brace for boring “making of the blog post” details – I was doing my usual browsing around Twitter, staring at Tweet after Tweet composed in Kanji I couldn’t recognize unless I turned on my special Firefox application for translation. I noticed an update from Osaka tech-rock trio Nuxx mentioning a “new album” and I immediately clicked over to their website. “I’ve got a scoop, I’ve got a scoop!” An extremely small scoop you’d hold in a Baskin Robbins’ sample spoon, but mine nonetheless. Yet! Nothing about a new album. A little digging revealing the “new album” in question wasn’t theirs but rather from Tokyo group Nacano. Nuxx would just be playing a show in Kyoto alongside that group and fellow electro-dudes √thumm. Cool story bruh.

All those seemingly meaningless words basically lead to this declaration – Nacano don’t sound all that much like either of those two bands opening for them in the near future. At least not on “New World,” the lead single from their forthcoming album DIL. Those groups sound like an indie Perfume – Nacano sorta sounds like Incubus but with more keyboards. Not a bad thing though, and when the pace quickens mid-song, egged on by a nice arpeggio, “New World” turns into a dashing slab of melancholy. A fine jog which you can watch below.