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New Jesse Ruins: “Sofija”

The past few months have already seen the CUZ ME PAIN project Jesse Ruins go from a mysterious little thing lurking in the shadows to an artist responsible for one of the better halves of a cassette tape this year to a blog darling. “Sofija” is the latest in a string of great releases from Jesse Ruins, and might be the most haunting one yet. Whereas “Dream Analysis” and “Inner Ambient” played like a slightly less bombastic M83 (sorry to borrow the same comparison Gorilla Vs. Bear made but….when the shoe fits ya know?), “Sofija” goes for something more enveloping, gossamer synths threaded around one another as a warm-albeit-ghostly voice floats around. On its own “Sofija” sounds great, but it’s especially good because this song truly establishes the Jesse Ruins sound. Previous releases at times weren’t all that removed from what CUZ ME PAIN pal NITES did with bright synths and semi-obscured voices. Yet this newest number creates space between the two, and may be Jesse Ruin’s best yet. Listen below as the blog-hype grows.

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