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Inheritance: Ace-Up’s Footworkers’ Delight

It’s important to remember that a large part of the footwork community in Japan (and beyond…especially in Chicago, where it all came from) revolves around dancers. From my living room, it is easy to just focus on the music side, but whenever I go out to an event (even the ones that aren’t billed as giving space to juke proper) you see folks showing off their foot work. Footworkers’ Delight by Ace-Up is a pretty straightforward set of tracks, and while it’s fun to focus on the wonkier mutations of the style, a set like this reminds that the basics can be just as enjoyable and important for the style at large. Jazz gets flipped around on “Desert” while “Flying Heat” delivers one of the most uptempo cuts of the year in this corner of dance music. Voices pop up, sometimes to be looped and other times to be pitch-shifted into new forms. It’s a solid set, and one that serves a greater function well. Get it here, or listen below.