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New Lucky Kilimanjaro: “Hitori No Yoru Wo Nuke”

For a second there, it looked like Lucky Kilimanjaro was going to become the new Give Me Wallets. That outfit got some buzz with retro-tinged electro-pop material, and quickly found a way in to writing J-pop songs for artists like Yuki. A solid career choice and one resulting in good pop, but it also meant the original project just kind of stalled. Lucky Kilimanjaro has been working behind-the-scenes for major labels more in recent times, including for Tokyo Girls’ Style (with Haru Nemuri!), which…again, cool. But could result in less of what they do.

But they are back, with the bright conga-bounce of “Hitori No Yoru Wo Nuke.” Like their best songs from the past, the power of this one lies in how unrelentingly upbeat it is, the verses skipping along before ratcheting up to a big neon burst come the hook. It’s really pretty simple, but Lucky Kilimanjaro nail the part where you need to keep the pace up and make those moments of wonder hit hard. Listen above.