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INNIT It Great: INNIT Puts Out New Compilation, Avec Avec To Release EP On Mush Records, Life Swell

INNIT, the Osaka party/collective, will hold their one-year anniversary event on February 11 (as someone who went to the last one, I urge all Osaka-based readers to go, c’mon!), and in advance of that they have released an EP featuring tracks from the artists set to perform at the special show. The collection – available for hearing here – highlights the diversity present within INNIT, the music jumping from the jazzy haze of Madegg’s “Aqueduct” to the technicolor mudstomp of MFP’s “Dig It Now” to the soulful “Winter Again” by And Vice Versa. Alongside tracks from the likes of Magical Mistakes and Seiho sits a special appearance from Daisuke Tanabe, who will play the next INNIT show and deliver a special lecture (!). Check the whole thing out below.

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″]

Also on the new INNIT EP is Avec Avec, leading the whole shebang off with his “Plastic Soul.” He’s also got some other news worth celebrating – he will be putting out an EP on California imprint Mush Records, who have put out stuff by some pretty heavy hitters.

Oh, and don’t forget Seiho started a label that will release music from other INNIT mainstays…good times!