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OMEGABOY Keeps Truckin’: “Babyrousa” And “Night1”

Osaka’s OMEGABOY has been keeping himself busy – he kicked of 2012 with a handful of intriguing tracks, and a few weeks on he isn’t stopping. He’s posted a few new tracks to his Bandcamp, highlighted by “Babyrousa” which does away with vocals entirely in favor of pure dance, the whole thing pulsing with the vague “Asian” feel OMEGABOY breathes into his songs (think of the background music for a “Tin Tin in China” cartoon). Also new is “Night1,” a squelchy, brief number that feels more like a sketch of a robot than a fully realized mechanical being. Oh, and a remix of the already bumping “China X.” Listen to “Babyrousa” below.

[bandcamp track=778918670 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]