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International Connection: Hiro Tadomatsu Teams U With Tenma Tenma For “Perfectblue”

The past couple of years have seen plenty of Western artists drawn to Japanese sounds — from digging through city pop to seeking out rare Japanese “ambient” records. At times, it has felt a bit one sides, but recently there have been some encouraging signs of communication on both sides. See French producer Moe Shop’s recent release, one I want to write more about but which finds the artist teaming up with Japanese artists to create an irresistible set of dance numbers. Or “Perfectblue,” a collab between Kansai’s Tenma Tenma and an artist named Hiro Tadomatsu, who seems to actually be Swiss. Potentially eye rolling (more details needed!), but they are at least involved in one of the best city pop tribute songs I’ve heard all year, and now working closely with a Japanese producer. And coming up with something solid in the process. “Perfectblue” is a strut-worthy production, featuring a fair amount of electronic flourishes but emphasizing the beat. Tenma Tenma sings over it, melding just right with the music. More team-ups like this, please. Listen above.