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Join The Club: New Zombie-Chang, Yosa And Salu Songs

Or, Make Believe Melodies’ rap update part one for the end of March. What timing!

We have (basically) reached April which means we are a quarter of the way through 2016. Fast! That also means publications and honest-to-goodness people have started sharing favorite album lists for the first three months of the year, because the Internet never has enough rankings to cut through. I have no plans to do that, and maybe that’s partially motivated by the feeling that no really great albums have emerged out of Japan yet, just lots of very, very good ones. On this hypothetical list, Zombie-Chang’s Zombie-Change would be hovering near the top, and she recently shared a new video for the song “Goodbye My Love And Turn Around,” a skippy electro-pop highlight from that collection. Listen above.

Zombie-Chang also makes an appearance…in a much different style than the above number…on producer Yosa’s “Yoake Mae.” Here, she’s rapping and singing the hook in a way far more suitable for a song that seems focused on getting some hip-hop love…to the point pretty big name Salu gets called in for a verse. The star here, though, is Yosa’s woozy, late-night-city music, a blurry-eyed creation that feels like the last minutes of a night out, right before the train gates open for the morning. It even gets ramped up via a crime-drama-worthy guitar solo. It is off of Yosa’s upcoming album Orion, released via Omake Club (where Yosa has produced for Mcpero). Listen above.

AND THE CONNECTIONS DON’T END. Zombie-Chang features prominently in the video for Salu’s “Tomorrowland,” which you can see above. The musical hook, though, is that Tofubeats put the track together…and you can hear his digitally-obscured voice pop up at times throughout the bouncy number.