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Kansai Update: Madegg, OMEGABOY And INNIT (Tessei Tojo, Ket-Suice, Mononomonooto And Fumitake Uchida)

I don’t know how these kids do it, but the beat scene in Kansai has given rise to a group of young artists capable of just firing off tracks. So…here’s a collection of tracks from some of the best around. First off, Kyoto’s Madegg just doesn’t rest. Fresh off releasing a (very good) album on Flau Records, he’s posted several new songs, most prominent of the lot a long-banging number called “19.” Over the past few months, Madegg has tried on new styles like he’s buying back-to-school clothes at Uniqlo, and with “19” he takes a stab at dubstep. Not the bass-heavy drop-stravaganzas Skrillex makes and are talked about by anyone who reads Rolling Stone, but rather the dubstep of 2008. Madegg stretches “19” out to seven minutes, yet each one ends up mattering. Listen below.

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A little to the south, in Osaka, OMEGABOY continues experimenting with his brand of bedroom-dance music. New cut “Homeo Kamoe” comes off as louder than some of his older releases, but the chaos blends into a cohesive track that is easy to get lost in. Listen below.

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Finally, electronic-event INNIT posted a collection of four songs recently from artists who brought music to the last event in Osaka. The four producers selected – Tessei Tojo, Ket-Suice, Mononomonooto and Fumitake Uchida – certainly fit into the experimental-beat scene INNIT promotes, and each track is worth your time. I’m especially fond of Mononomonooto’s inclusion, which incorporates sounds of youth into the mix.

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