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Self-Promotion Plus: Reviewing MiChi’s Therapy For The Japan Times

Biggest musical surprise of the year so far? MiChi’s Therapy, which I reviewed in The Japan Times today. This is a great album, packed with energetic post-Perfume singles that conceals a forward-thinking edge most J-Pop…and, to be honest, a lot of the indier stuff in this country…lacks. I didn’t expect a fully formed album when I picked this one up…a couple great moments would have been enough for me…but that’s exactly what Therapy is. Seeing as we basically have put three months behind us in 2012, it’s getting to the point where one can start making favorites. For me, MiChi and Seiho stand at the top of my personal album list…and this includes EVERYTHING released so far, only Grimes’ album coming close.

I am a big backer of this album, can you tell?